Where we have been, where we are now and where we can take you.

So here is a little bit about us. SMC, Inc. started in Southern California during February of 1999 as a supplier of merchandise for the Entertainment Industry. While targeting the Music Industry specializing in the design and production of band & artist merchandise. SMC professionals have had the opportunity to tour with many of Orange County’s and the World’s most successful bands and artists. Our excellent reputation is unmatched by many companies in our field. SMC, Inc. owner Rob Castaneda has had exposure to various types of merchandise and promotional products in production. His experience has provided him first-hand knowledge of who was purchasing items, what they thought of the items and more.

SMC realizes that we’re a company amongst many in a tough market where everyone offers similar services, but we’re amongst the stand out few that truly deliver. We know our market inside out, our team has passion and drive for great design, quality customer service, and most importantly attention to detail with overall superior quality in all areas of service.

Today, now located in the greater Nashville, TN area SMC has taken the same positive aspect the company had in 1999, and we’ve continued to apply it not only to the Entertainment Industry but also for many other types of clients. We’re still servicing and maintaining clients all throughout the world from small businesses, to a new artist/band or a large technology company. SMC has always kept the end user in mind and never compromised our goal.

This goal being: Providing the best product for the best price with on-time delivery. Hopefully, you will be able to conclude all that we can do for your business, artist, band or you as an individual. We pride ourselves on our motto "Working Together for Your Success". Being able to provide numerous different products & services we have found our clients appreciate the one stop shop convenience with quality products and customer service.