A good vendor is a must, if you want to make money on the road!

Are you in need of a responsible, reliable vendor to be your tour merch coordinator? The skills of a merch coordinator often goes under-valued on some tours. Many artists do have tour managers, or techs handling one of the main revenue streams on the road. That's not what we believe here, keeping track of inventory, merch sales, and venue percentages is vital to any artist's bottom line. SMC's team of professionals realize this fact.

Having a competent merch professional out on the road with you could be the very thing that saves your band/artists money over the long haul of the tour. You'll be able to escape from priority overnight shipping costs, more engagement with the fans, have someone handling social media, and making sure your merch is displayed professionally and in a clean manner. SMC will definitely look out for you in this area of tour & vending. Contact us today if you are looking for a quality vendor.