We can handle your tour returns or left over merch.

SMC also offers storage and distribution services. Through this service, artists can ship merchandise back to us for storage and later distribution. Your merchandise can be stored for a up to 3 months at no charge. After 3 months there will be a small fee applied to continue services which can be discussed at your convenience.

Are you not able to store all the merchandise on the truck, van, trailer on initial leg of a tour, but you need to produce more merchandise than you can carry? No problem! We can store the merch for you and statically ship it to you in the most economical method to ensure you get it when needed in a cost effective manner..


Merchandise distribution to your fans.

SMC works closely with many labels, management firms and artists to handle pre-order packages that include merchandise we produce. Due to our high level of specialization in this area, we can ship worldwide preparing and packaging your pre-orders in a professional manner and in a sufficient amount of time. We also offer many ways to custom brand your pre-order packages to make fans feel as though the packages came directly from you.

With the many shipping options and distribution methods available through SMC, your fans will never be aware of our involvement. You will find our pre-order services to be unlike any you may have tried in the past. Our staff is made up of knowledgeable, friendly, hardworking individuals with many years of satisfactory customer service under their belt. Trust SMC to handle all your pre-order packaging needs.