Without a clear and precise marketing strategy your business will be a tragedy.

Marketing / Advertising

  • Direct Mail
  • E.D.D.M
  • Video Shorts
  • Google Ad Words
  • Newspaper
  • Magazine Placement
  • Billboards
  • Strategy
  • Flyer Distribution

Launching a new product line? Have a sale coming up and you need to let new customers know about? Or even better yet, let existing customers know how much you appreciate them. With your input we can assist you with getting your message out in numerous ways. E-mail marketing, direct mail, print ad design, or we can multi-channel market all three and there is even more ways to go about it. So contact us today, so we can assist you with your ROI.

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a service offered by the USPS designed to help small businesses market themselves to their local community. You don't need specific names or addresses; you just need to know the zip code of any neighborhoods you want to contact. It's an affordable way to expand a company's reach.

Is your Adwords campaign the most effective it can be. There are several reasons many small businesses often fail with Adwords campaigns. Some reasons for that include budgeting, wrong selection of keywords, and most of all hiring someone that's in-experienced in what it takes to capture targeted attention. SMC does offer services in the area of Adwords campaigns so that your business can reach its true potential.

We also offer Billboard and other services. Your marketing and advertising needs can be met all in one place, professionally and efficiently. The SMC team will advise you of your options, and see that your campaigns are headed in the right direction. Time is truly money when it comes to running any type of business, and by taking advantage of the SMC Marketing and Advertising Service, yours can be spent wisely.

Browse our Marketing and advertising services to find your fitting solutions, if something you need is not listed, please inquire. You will find that we do a whole lot more to take your business to the next level and beyond.