Yamaha Entertainment Group

After our initial consultation with Yamaha Entertainment Group, we discovered they had just signed a new artist by the name of Leogun. We worked closely with their team to come up with a pre-order package. The package included a t-shirt, sticker, hat, mini poster and shot glass. After the release of the album, we were also contacted to supply them with a 24”x36” double sided fold out poster for the vinyl release of the same album.

If you have not heard of Nathan East, you definitely heard his bass playing. Just look him up! YEG asked us to come up with some idea for Nathans album release pre-order and tour/web store merchandise. We did a full-color mug of the album cover, a nice soft jersey tee, v-neck t-shirt, silver key chain, & poster. It was an honor to supply such a legend in the music industry with his merchandise.


“I’ve worked with several merchandisers over the years, and SMC Inc has by far been the best and easiest to work with. Not only do they promptly deliver thorough proposals – within 24 hours of discussion – but they actually take the time to research their clients and create tailored suggestions to help make sure the merchandise you order will fit your targeted demographics. Rob and his team are excellent about meeting deadlines and is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done.” ~ Megan K – Yamaha Entertainment Group