Seventh Wonder

This artist is one of our owners favorite bands. Having been able to sign them to a licensing deal was a proud moment. Since we started working with Seventh Wonder in 2010, they have consistently been one of the best-selling artists. In 2014, we had a massive undertaking. We needed to conceptualize merchandise ideas for their performance at the world famous ProgPower USA festival in Atlanta. Where the band agreed to perform their Mercy Falls concept album in its entirety. That release is arguably one the best concept albums in their genre. So with that said.. the fans will be rabid. We knew this, so we brainstormed with the band to come up with themed merchandise for the Mercy Falls release. We started eight months in advance of the performance. With everything complete a month or so prior we started an extremely successful pre-order, where the fans could pick up their orders at the festival. All in all, it was a huge success for us and the band.