Gallagher Staging

Joe Gallagher is an industry veteran. Having worked with him for many years. He knows “SWAG”! The list of items we have done and come up for Gallagher Staging is long and literally can cover you from head to toe. Which is exactly what we have done, everything from hats, hoodies, shirts, lip balm, backpacks, socks, hockey jerseys, toiletry bags, work shirts, jackets, shorts, koozies, you name it! When it comes to getting your logo out there. Branding through apparel is what the music industry gets more than any other. Plus as a bonus giving some cool products to the guys that work so hard on the road goes a long way. Here at SMC, Inc. we understand that more than most.


“Back in 2000, we needed some crew shirts in a hurry, SMC was able to pull this order together in a very short time and everyone on the crew was so stoked! Since then, we have used SMC for just about everything.” ~ Joe G. – Gallagher Staging & Productions